Products We Export

Japenese Thread Fin Bream

A prized delicacy known for its delicate flavor and tender flesh, sought after in gourmet cuisine.

Indian Anchovy

Small, flavorful fish prized for its versatility in culinary creations, enhancing dishes with its distinct taste.

Humpback Nylon Shrimp

Sought-after for its sweet flavor and plump texture, this shrimp adds gourmet appeal to various cuisines.

Horse Mackerel

Distinctive taste and firm flesh make this mackerel ideal for a range of dishes, celebrated for its culinary attributes.

Dolphin Fish

Renowned for its mild flavor and meaty texture, dolphin fish is a culinary gem cherished by chefs and seafood enthusiasts.

Crucifix Crab

Delicately sweet and tender crab meat, coveted for its exquisite taste and visual appeal in gastronomic presentations.

Kiddi Shrimp

Prized for its tender meat and mild taste, the kiddi shrimp offers a delightful addition to diverse culinary creations.

Indian Salmon

Known for its rich, buttery flavor and flaky texture, Indian salmon is a gourmet delight enjoyed worldwide.

Indian Halibut

Renowned for its firm, white flesh and subtle flavor, Indian halibut lends itself to various cooking styles.

Indian Goat Fish

Treasured for its tender, succulent meat and delicate taste, Indian goat fish elevates seafood dishes with its uniqueness.

Indian Conger Eel

With its distinctive taste and versatile applications, Indian conger eel adds a touch of indulgence to gastronomic endeavors.

Green Mussel

Savor the rich, briny flavor and plump texture of green mussels, enhancing a wide array of culinary masterpieces.

Giant River Prawn

Celebrated for its sweet, juicy meat, the giant river prawn enriches dishes with its luxurious taste and texture.

Flower Tail Prawn

Prized for its tender flesh and sweet flavor, the flower tail prawn adds a gourmet touch to diverse cuisines.