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Goa is a small coastal state and it has a reasonable scope for fisheries production mainly from marine capture and inland culture resources. It has an equally good potential for production of fisheries, processed products for both internal and export markets. We at Indotech capture the best fish resources from our sea and ensure to provide the best quality marine products to our customers.

Our moto is to build an internationally recognized, quality driven organization that thrives innovation and technologically updated systems for seafood products that command, abiding customer loyalty worldwide.

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Indian Mackerel

The Indian Mackerel is one of the highly consumed fish in the whole of Goa. It has a unique taste which makes it so common across Goa. At Indotech we ensure to deliver the highest quality, fresh mackerels to our customers worldwide.

Indotech Marine Ribbon Fish


Also known as calamari, the species of squid available commercially is the Loligo squid. Although being not the prettiest looking, the squid has a firm structure and a lovely strong flavour. We Indotech always deliver the best quality squids.

Indotech Marine Mackerel

Ribbon Fish

Also known as the largehead hairtail, the ribbon fish have a striking appearence. They are a prized fish in China and all of Asia. Their texture is delicate with white flaky meat. At Indotech we deal with the most fresh ribbon fish delivered right to our customers.

Indotech Marine Squids


Cuttlefish are raised in the wild and is a relative of the squid and the octopus. They are fuller flavoured than the sqiud but come nowhere close to the octopus. At Indotech we ensure to deliver the best quality cuttlefish to our customers worldwide.

Indotech Marine White Pomfret


The prawn is one of the most highly consumed fish worldwide. They come in various sizes and are available throughout the year. They have a firm texture and a unique flavour. Indotech delivers the best quality prawns by freezing them at source.

Indotech Marine Cuttle Fish

White Pomfret

A unique fish with just a single bone, the pomfret is the most popular fish across Asia. Unlike most saltware fish, they do not leave any odor or aftertaste yet being uniquely flavoured. Indotech delivers fresh pomfrets worldwide.

Indotech Marine Shrimps

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